Sell Your Currency

Start by entering a value in the calculator below


* minimum sell value £40

Sell Your Unused Cash Currency to Us

Selling your unused currency is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Tell us how much currency you want to sell and we will tell you what we will pay
  2. Register an account with us, complete your transaction, pop your currency into an envelope and send it to us
  3. We will email you once we have received it and then transfer the agreed amount directly into your bank account

Our video tells you how to do it and how easy it is to sell foreign currency into real money for you to spend again


  • Will I get the rate that is offered on the day?
  • Yes. The rate that is agreed and printed on your Sell note is the one you will receive.
  • How much will I receive?
  • On your Sell note, we will advise the total you will receive.
  • Is there a minimum I can Sell?
  • Yes. At the moment the minimum you can Sell is valued at £40.
  • Is there a maximum the we can Sell ?
  • The maximum you can sell is valued at £1000. However you can ask for this restriction to be lifted by contacting us directly.
  • How do I send my currency?
  • Sending in your currency couldn't be easier. Simply write the FREEPOST address provided to you on your envelope and post it at your nearest post box. Please watch our explainer videos for full details.
  • Is the currency I send insured?
  • All transactions for the Seller and Buyer are insured.